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How can you create expansive energy in your space to achieve life goals with ease and Grace – including gaining clarity on your life’s purpose? How can you experience miraculous and unexpected quantum shifts in your relationships, career, and personal life? How can you align with the potent forces of Heaven and Earth in a powerful way to live at a more masterful level – and realize your soul’s greatest potential?

In her New Earth Alchemy Certification Program, Marta guides you to discover and embody miraculous answers to your most potent questions.

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Level 1


4 Week Training with 4 LIVE Group Instructional Days in Hawaii

Intensive 1 Lunar Cycle Program and Initial Activation. In Level 1, you learn the ancient art and science of creating high vibrational sacred spaces that lift your creative potency and manifestation abilities to the next Quantum level.

Ancient wisdom sees the home as as extension and reflection of the body. In level 1 of the New Earth Alchemy Certification Program, you embrace the bigger “body” of your home as a tool for your evolution and growth. You explore powerful wisdom and practical tools to develop a deep, personal relationship with the 5 elements of Creation.

You learn to apply time-tested methods that will magically activate and empower key areas of your life including:

  • Wealth and prosperity
  • Health and family
  • Enlightenment and wisdom
  • Career and life purpose
  • Love and relationships
  • Illuminated reputation and visibility

Level 1 is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the nourishing power of the 5 elements and create a dynamic balance in your inner and outer space that will shift your entire reality to the next level of harmony and prosperity.

INCLUDES 4 days of group in-person lineage wisdom transmissions personally with Marta.


Level 2


4 Month Training including 1 LIVE in-person Power Spot Activation  & DNA and Cellular Repatterning with the 5 Elements

Every stage of growth and expansion in life requires a level of dissolving old patterns and recreating new ones.

In Level 2 of the New Earth Alchemy Certification Program, you repattern and re-harmonize your life at the level of your ancestral lineage and DNA coding.

You learn a customized system that combines ancient shamanic wisdom with your modern family constellation to uncover and heal deep unconscious patterning within your family’s soul memory and ancestral lineage.

  • Connect and align with your Aumakua (spirit ancestors and guides) at a new level
  • Clear deep-seated family ancestral blocks and limiting cultural belief systems
  • Transform your cells and activate your DNA in a way that allows you to evolve and expand exponentially with profound ease and grace

At this level, your ability and capacity to be a catalyst for positive transformation expands exponentially.

INCLUDES 1 LIVE Transformational Experience in Hawaii



Level 3

(by Invitation Only) 


1 Solar Cycle (12 months) Mentorship with 3 Live Power Spot Activations to Harness the Forces of Heaven and Earth to Step into your Global Purpose

Level 3 is available to students who have completed Level 1 & 2 (or equivalent, as approved by Marta) and is an initiation into a high level of co-creating your life with the Earth as your powerful Ally.

When you become Certified as a Master Level New Earth Alchemist, you learn to embody and express the pure, sacred energy of the Earth’s evolutionary impulse.  Your Soul’s Voice aligns with the Universal Wisdom in a powerful synergy.

  • MAGIC:  Learn to wield the natural powers of Heaven and Earth into your own life’s greatest dreams and intentions
  • CONFIDENCE: Attract what you need, when you need it – at a very high level of manifestation
  • CLARITY & EXPANSION:  Gain a deeper awareness of the Absolute, the Source of Universal Creation and Infinite possibility
  • VISION:  Align with your Soul and gain a clear vision of your Global Purpose and Influence
  • EMPOWERMENT:  Step into and increase your capacity to clear and uplift collective consciousness
  • SUPPORT:  Powerful Masterminding and a system of creative tools to step into your Soul’s greatest potential
  • WEALTH:  Receive the Infinite Blessings of the New Earth Alchemy Lineage and prayer field as you prosper and evolve doing your Soul’s Sacred Work

As a Master Level New Earth Alchemist, you embrace and embody your Soul’s capacity to be a powerful, benevolent Presence in the world.


  • Up to 2 monthly private 1 hour mentoring sessions with Marta (or 24 hours that can be used with flexibility to suit your schedule i.e., 2 hours once a month, a 4 hour mini-retreat every 2 months, etc.)
  • 2 monthly meditations and processes to open up powerful channels of creative manifestation and magical opportunities in your life
  • Up to 3  LIVE Power Spot Activation Trainings with Marta