Supercharge your Manifesting in Harmony with the Earth

The crystals I offer you are unique and exquisitely potent.

As a Feng Shui master, I optimize these high-caliber crystals, so they become medicine for your life – literally Gems for your Soul.

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Amplify Your Frequency

These high-quality crystals have been shaped into remarkable sculptures and professionally, energetically tuned. Their forms are beautiful to admire and enjoy in your home – and so much more. Each crystal amplifies positive life force energy; it clears the atmosphere and sends healing energy deep into the Earth, clearing the energetic lines of the Earth.  It’s like very high level Earth Acupuncture.

Magnify Your Manifesting

Each crystal is custom selected to meet your specific needs. These Gems for the Soul create magic and synchronicity. I have seen this happen repeatedly! Using these extraordinary crystals in your home, I will activate the Earth’s harmonic frequency to amplify, balance and prosper your land, your home, and your life.


Supercharge Your Energy

These gem quality pendants can act like “satellite” pieces to your larger crystals.  They harmonize and beneficially magnetize your subtle energy field.
Marta will personally help you to select the perfect gems for you..

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