VIP Days with Marta

Supercharge your Manifesting in Harmony with the Earth

For many of my VIP clients, the transitions or issues they are experiencing include relationship, health, or career challenges. These personal challenges are echoed in their space, where the energy may feel heavy, blocked, and in desperate need of a change.

No matter where they live, I help to transform their homes (and lives!) into a vital paradise of harmony and prosperity.

My clients ask me to visit their land (often Power Spots) and invite me into their homes. There, I align the potent forces of Heaven and Earth in a powerful way, so they can live their lives at a more masterful level.

Afterward, they experience miraculous shifts, such as resolving longstanding emotional, physical, and relationship issues. Plus, their life’s purpose starts to speak more clearly! The positive flow of creative, expansive energy in their space helps them achieve life goals with ease and Grace.

Once I set the energy in their space, their whole life balances out and flows more efficiently. Miraculous and unexpected quantum shifts result – including weight loss and rejuvenation, attracting harmonious love relationships, auspicious business and financial opportunities, and a sense of deep spiritual peace and connection. This is my mastery.


“As a Feng Shui Master & Soul Purpose Mentor, I will guide you to experience the magic of healing harmony and true prosperity.”

I have the honor and privilege of working with spiritually minded, prosperous, high-level manifesters around the world who are in transition.  Often, they are in transition with their land – they may be remodeling, buying, or building a new home.  Concerns about their space might show up as family disharmony, health and money issues, or a nagging sense that something is “off.”

Marta’s service offerings:

  1. VIP One-Day Intensive – We connect virtually to address your challenge or opportunity.
  2. VIP Activation Retreat – We meet in Hawaii or at your home anywhere in the world.

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