Create a heart opening, sacred atmosphere for the greatest inspiration and wisdom to unfold…


Sacred Kirtan picMarta is a trained singer and musician with extensive experience performing in a variety of venues, from sacred settings and ceremonial nature blessings to classical performances and modern electonica.

Having grown up with a family of world class musicians and trained in voice/music for higher consciousness by a direct disciple of the great spiritual master, Paramahansa Yogananda, Marta creates beautiful harmonic sound activations with her musical chants and blessings.

She draws from her repertoire and fusion of Buddhist, Hawaiian, Christian, Sanskrit chants and prayers to create a Universal language of healing harmonics that open the heart and quiet the mind.

Currently, Marta offers her musical blessings and activations for private clients and New Earth Alchemy programs and certification trainings.

She is also available selectively for special events that have global influence towards planetary awakening and events that have specific impact on the Earth’s power spot locations.

Contact Marta to discuss your event or location’s needs.